Giveaway: Advance Screening Tickets to Before I Fall

before-i-fall-onesheet_bif_rgbToday, we’re excited to share a special opportunity with ChiYA’s local readers: free passes to an advance screening of the film Before I Fall. The screening will take place this Saturday, February 25th at 1 p.m. at the Regal City North Theater in Bucktown—one week before its nationwide release on March 3rd! These complimentary tickets are available through the production company’s publicist. All you have to do is request passes here.

Before I Fall is based on the 2010 bestselling novel by Lauren Oliver. The novel marked Oliver’s publishing debut, and she has since gone on to author nearly a dozen books for adult, young adult, and middle grade readers, including the popular Delirium trilogy. Before I Fall follows the story of Samantha Kingston, a girl who seems to have it all—until she finds herself stuck reliving the same day over and over. As she starts to untangle the complexities of her so-called “perfect” life, she begins to realize that things—and people—aren’t always what they seem.

In a 2011 YALSA interview, Oliver discussed her inspiration for Sam and this novel: “I wanted to write a book about a mean girl, self-involved, kind of petty, who gets the opportunity to reevaluate her actions from a variety of perspectives. The fact that Samantha dies and then relives her last day enabled me to do that. I’ve always been interested in the mean girl phenomena and in themes of change and redemption and ultimately, even though Before I Fall has a very strong narrative structure, I do see it as a character-driven book about change.”

Intrigued? You can download a pair of passes to the screening here, but please note: admission is on a first-come, first-served basis, so show up early on the 25th!


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